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Assess and Correct: Breaking Barriers to Unlock Athletic Performance

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With 27 self-assessments and 78 corresponding exercises, you’ll cover virtually everything you need to feel and perform well.
And, you’ll have plenty of variety to use for many years to come!

  Included in this package are:

  • DVD #1: Your Comprehensive Guide to Self-Assessment
  • DVD #2: Your Individualized Corrective Exercise Progressions

    Receive 4 FREE Bonuses with Your Order

  • Bonus #1 and #2: The Assess and Correct E-Manual, which is not only a guide to review your assessments on DVD #1, but also includes written cues and photos for every recommended drill in DVD #2 so that you’ll have a resource you can take to the gym with you.
    (PLEASE NOTE:  These two bonuses have been merged into one document for easier downloading.)
  • Bonus #3: “The Great Eight Static Stretches” E-Manual, which shows you eight additional flexibility drills that we use on a regular basis in addition to the drills featured in the DVDs.
  • Bonus #4: The “Optimal Self Myofascial Release” E-Manual, which shows you the soft tissue methods and techniques we use with our clients and athletes.
  • Bonus #5: “Warm-ups for Every Body” E-Manual, which is a collection of two sample warm-up templates for each of the following sports/scenarios:
    1. Those with a history of lower back pain
    2. Those with a history of shoulder pain
    3. Those with a history of knee pain
    4. Golf
    5. Football – Position Players
    6. Football – Quarterbacks
    7. Baseball
    8. Swimming
    9. Tennis
    10. Soccer
    11. Hockey
    12. Powerlifting/Weight-Training
    13. Distance Running
    14. Cycling
    15. Triathlon
    16. Basketball
    17. Volleyball
    18. Those who have limited warm-up space (Warm-up in a Phone Booth)
    19. Those who sit at desks all day