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Assess and Correct: Breaking Barriers to Unlock Athletic Performance

 Assess & Correct Testimonials


Invest in Your Body. It’s the Only One You Have.

“The program that Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey, and Bill Hartman are offering is a solution. It is a solution to problems you have and a solution to the prevention you need. This isn’t just an athlete or trainer based product. If you pay for insurance, yearly check ups, or don’t want to look like a stiff man/woman at too young of an age, this is for you.

Invest in your body, it is the only one you have.”

Leigh Peele, author of The Fat Loss Troubleshoot and Body By Eats


…a must for anyone SERIOUS about results.

“As a strength coach myself, I have literally read thousands of studies, textbooks, and articles relating to assessment and correction.  But when I heard that Mike, Eric, and Bill were going to be putting together a product on this very subject I wanted to be first in line to put my hard earned money on the table.

I think this product is going to change how people prepare for performance and that owning it is a must for anyone who is absolutely serious about results.”


…so EASY to understand and APPLY. Totally AMAZED.

“I recently had the privilege of viewing Assess and Correct by Bill Hartman, Eric Cressey, and Mike Robertson called Assess and Correct. After knowing who this video is by I really don’t need to say much more but I will.

This video is not only full of top quality information on how to assess and how to correct what you have just assessed but it is so easy to understand and apply. I know it is a good product when I find myself on the floor performing the exercises as I am watching it. I was totally amazed at how they hit so many key areas that are important to function.

Once again, Bill, Eric, and Mike produced another must for your library. If you don’t have this product and your competitors do…. you will surely lose out once the word spreads due to all their successes.”

Lee Taft

More Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Consistently applying the information on this DVD for a few minutes each day should help anyone remain limber and injury free for a long time. Not only does it show you what to do in terms of fixing your problems, but it also shows you how to assess where you’re at in terms of muscle balance and flexibility, so you can see how you’re improving or regressing in those areas over time and in what areas you might need more work.

It definitely makes a great addition to anyone’s training library.

-Kelly Baggett

I have had an opportunity to view Assess and Correct, the latest work from Cressey, Hartman, and Robertson. The materials provided in this package are fantastic and empowering.

The DVD’s and manuals allow one to easily identify limitations, dysfunctions, and asymmetries.  From there, you’ll work toward correcting them, all in an easy-to-follow and efficient manner.

I enthusiastically recommend this product to all athletes, coaches, and movement therapists.

Josh Renkens, DC, MA Ed., ART, MAT
Nashville, TN

“Assess and Correct is as simple as it sounds.  As a strength and conditioning coach at the professional level, it is important to be able to assess an athlete’s movement and posture and have a plan to make corrections where needed.  Assess and Correct offers a plan to do just that.

Hats off to Eric, Bill and Mike for the great work!”

Jimmy Duba

Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Sacramento Kings

“Assess and Correct may be the most comprehensive corrective exercise product on the market.  I feel this DVD is a must have for anyone looking to make positive changes in their athletes’ bodies – or their own.

The assessment section provides simple and detailed information for tests that can help anyone become more aware of their body’s limitations while the correction progressions offer forward thinking solutions that guarantee optimal performance.

Eric, Bill and Mike have done it again!”

Mike Irr
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Charlotte Bobcats

“I was pretty excited when I received an e-mail from Eric and Mike saying that I was getting an advanced copy of their new Assess and Correct product.  Mike and Eric have had a history of putting out top notch information and products and when I saw that Bill Hartman was also involved in this new product I knew that this was going to be even more special.

Since I own a fitness facility, I’m always looking for cutting edge information that I can recommend to my trainers.  After viewing the dvd’s and reading through the manual, my first thought was, ‘Wow, a home run!’

Finally, a product that I could whole heartedly recommend to all of my trainers as an excellent go-to reference tool to enhance their abilities in assessing their clients needs; pinpointing their weakness &/or imbalances and then effectively addressing these findings to make sure their clients can achieve their goals safely.”

Joe Dowdell CSCS, Founder & Co-owner of Peak Performance, NYC

This is Rick Kaselj from ExercisesForInjuries.com. I wanted to send you guys a quick thank you for the “Assess and Correct” DVDs and manual.

They’ve been an amazing resource to me, and I was able to use them this week when I assessed 12 of my clients. The assessment techniques were great, and the plug-and-play exercises that are in the manual and DVDs made it super-easy for me to give my clients exercises based upon the assessments.

Thanks again for an amazing resource that’s been a great addition to my toolbox and to my library. I’m looking forward to future DVDs and manuals from all three of you. Take care.

Rick Kaselj, MS

Assess and Correct is the most useful physical evaluation tool I’ve ever seen. It’s like having instant access to the knowledge that Hartman, Robertson, and Cressey have gained through years of experience studying anatomy and human movement, and working with real people.

But most important, it’s presented in a way that you can put it to use immediately. In fact, the design of the manual is genius because you’re given a series of simple tests to identify postural and movement problems, followed by smart exercise progressions–which you can tailor to a client’s ability—to correct any issues. So it’s a powerful tool that will help any coach create more effective training plans, customized to an individual’s true NEEDS. The upshot: Assess and Correct will make any fitness professional better at what he or she does.

One other note: Because I’m a fitness journalist, the authors offered me a free manual for review (common in the industry), but I had already purchased it. When they tried to refund my money, I requested that they not. The reason: I found the material to be so valuable that I felt like I SHOULD paid for it. I’m not sure there’s any testimonial I could give that’s better than that.

Adam Campbell
Fitness Director, Men’s Health

Assess and Correct is quite simply one of the best fitness products I have ever purchased.  Bill, Mike, and Eric have really outdone themselves and set the bar higher for everyone.  The focus on not just the corrective exercise, but the progressions is something that really sets the product apart.

The DVD is extremely clear and one of the most under-rated portions of the DVD is just listening to the exercise cues used by Bill, Mike, and Eric.  Coaching and cueing exercise, especially corrective exercise is an art form, and it is an art form that the three of them have mastered well.  The little gems I picked up have made my life as a trainer much easier and really helped take my training to the next level.

This was a product I was able to watch and immediately apply to my current clients, and truthfully, my own training programs and right away start noticing a difference in the way people were moving and feeling.  Not only that but now that I have had the product a few months I find myself going back to it at least every few weeks and picking up new and useful info I missed on the first round through and often more importantly find myself reminded of things I should be doing.

I cannot think of a reason I wouldn’t recommend this DVD to anyone.  Any person will gain a huge amount of insight through watching and applying Assess and Correct.

Danny King
ACE Weight Management Consultant